HR Generalist

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Banyuwangi

HR Generalist at Pandawa Agri Indonesia


Do you realize that you must pay higher for your food recently? Did you know the correlation between war, pandemics, and increasing food prices?

Pandemics and war made the global situation worse because we live in a new-connected world. One thing that has impacted all of us is the higher price in agriculture commodities, specially for food due to the disturbed supply chain and climate change effect. The issues that comes from war in Russia – Ukraina which are the two of key players for fertilizer and grain producer, while also China as pesticide producer has zero covid policy, made the agriculture input skyrocketing. In the end, we as citizens of the world must spend more money to buy food.

Moreover, climate change caused disasters like heavy floods in Pakistan, drought in some parts of Indonesia, etc which resulted in crop failure. The disturbed supply while also in higher price, but the demand still remains, make it worse. Therefore, we need to have food security and make our end to end agriculture more independent.
Gratefully, Pandawa Agri Indonesia (PAI) can contribute to resolve the issue. As the first life science-based company from Indonesia and the only company that had innovation in pesticide reduction products (pesticides reductants), we had the vision to create sustainable agriculture.

In this uncertain time, we can grow significantly. We believe it happens because PAI have A player yet loyal team. As POD Generalist, you will work together with POD Manager to create strategies for maintaining the existing team and nurturing the new team so that they can give their best effort to create an impact in a pleasant working environment.

POD Generalist will accompany OD (Organizational Development) and L&D (Learning & Development) in day-to-day decision-making while also working together with the POD team as a gatekeeper for new candidates to screen the culture-fitted and skilled team.

We’re looking for those who :

  • Has 3 -5 years minimum experience as a HR Generalist
  • Has work as HR Generalist and/or various position and role in HR Department
  • Able to lead a team and being bold in deliver and making decision
  • Like being a good rebel so that you should think differently from others to make a pleasant work environment- Humble to accept different habit, thought, values and culture
  • Inspire to create POD system
  • Love to learn from anyone
  • Willing to be placed in Banyuwangi


  • Leadership
  • Recruitmentorganization development
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Learning And Development
  • Sustainable Agriculture

Cover Letter :We want to get to know candidates more personally, to ensure Good Fit with us. Please add a Cover Letter to your CV by answering the following questions:

  1. Can you explain why you think you are suitable to fulfill this position at Pandawa Agri Indonesia?
  2. How prepared are you personally and your family to let you work in Kalimantan Tengah?
  3. Can you explain, your expected salary & benefits for the position that are you applying for?

Interview process

Here at Pandawa Agri Indonesia, our interview process will be:

  1. Apply via Glints
  2. Screening with our recruiter
  3. Interview with our Hiring Manager/C Level
  4. Interview with CEO (If selected)
  5. Announcement
Sorry! This job has expired.

Jl. Raya Benelanlor, Krajan, Kabat, Banyuwangi – Jawa Timur 68461

(0333) 6370737