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"Entering the 21st Century, the world community is starting to become aware of reducing the use of pesticides in agriculture."

We Surely Need Integrated Pest and Weed Management

By the year 2020, the global pesticide usage has been estimated to increase up to 3.5 million tons. Although pesticides are beneficial for crop production, using pesticide excessively and continuosly could jeopardize the environment. Various alternatives to reduce pesticide use have emerged, but they still cannot match the same effectiveness and efficiency when using pesticides. We need something that can reduce the use of pesticides while still being effective and efficient in controlling crop plant pests.

What We Concern


The effects of long-term exposure to pesticides could cause several severe health problems such as skin irritation, lung damage also heart and kidney failure.


30% of global emissions that cause climate change are caused by agricultural activities, including the use of pesticides.



The price of “green label” products in agriculture, which can be an environmentally friendly solution, still has a high price.

The Solut-ion
"Pesticides Reductant"

Pandawa Agri Indonesia has developed pesticide reductant products that can help farmers, plantation, and industrial forest businesses to improve their agricultural practices by reducing pesticide use by up to 50% and not stopping to continuosly innovate in responding to ongoing agricultural issues.

Our Sectors

From rice to oil palm, from coffee to forestry, and from sugarcane to corn, Pandawa Agri Indonesia aims to offer sustainable agriculture through good agricultural practices that could minimizing noxious agrochemical exposure. This is some of our current sectors that we are in, and it doesn’t stop there.


Tentang Aku, Kamu, dan OPT

Tentang Aku, Kamu, dan OPT

Apa yang ada di benak kalian jika membaca kalimat tentang organisme pengganggu tanaman? Apakah hanya golongan dari serangga saja? Tentu saja bukan. Organisme pengganggu tanaman atau biasa disingkat OPT merupakan organisme baik itu hama, vektor penyakit, bahkan gulma. Akibat yang ditimbulkan oleh OPT diantaranya dapat menurunkan hasil panen karena tanaman rusak secara fisik, gangguan fisiologi dan biokimia, atau kompetisi hara dengan tanaman budidaya. Bayangkan jika tidak ada pengendalian OPT pada tanaman budidaya, mungkin stok hasil pertanian tidak akan melimpah seperti sekarang.

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