“the Robusta Revolution”


1 March 2024

Pandawa Agri Transforms Pagar Alam Robusta Coffee Farming with PPAI Technology™

Jakarta, March 1, 2024 – Pandawa Agri Indonesia (PAI), a leading agri life-science company committed to creating the world of sustainable agriculture, is proud to announce the release of its 2024 impact report, detailing the groundbreaking results of the Smallholder Ecosystem Development Initiative for Robusta coffee growers in Pagar Alam, South Sumatra, Indonesia.

Impact Report

Pandawa Agri Indonesia – Impact Overview 2024

Cultivating Excellence “the Robusta Revolution”

Titled Cultivating Excellence: The Robusta Revolution, this comprehensive report sheds light on PAI’s multifaceted initiative aimed at revolutionizing coffee farming in Pagar Alam. At the heart of the initiative lies a collective vision to empower smallholder coffee farmers, enhance productivity, and redefine perceptions surrounding Robusta coffee.

Challenging prevailing misconceptions about Robusta coffee, PAI’s rigorous cultivation practices, powered by  PPAI (Plant and soil health, Productivity, Assistance, and Innovation) Technology™, have not only increased productivity but also showcased the delightful taste profile of Robusta coffee. 

Through a meticulous evaluation conducted by experts from the Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia, Kawépa Coffee, a local product nurtured under PAI’s guidance, earned an impressive score of 82 out of 100, solidifying its status as an outstanding specialty coffee.

A Science-Based Approach

Prior to implementing solutions, PAI conducted a thorough preliminary assessment to unravel the complexities faced by coffee growers in Pagar Alam. Low productivity emerged as a predominant issue, compounded by factors such as limited knowledge, intergenerational misunderstandings, and financial constraints.

PAI’s tailored approach addressed each underlying challenge, introducing PPAI Technology™ to enhance plant and soil health, boost productivity, and equip farmers with essential tools and knowledge. Six interventions, including specialized fertilizers and bioagents, were implemented, resulting in remarkable outcomes.

“With  PPAI Technology™, farmers have witnessed their productivity reaching an average of 1.26 ton/ha, marking a notable increase of 25.84% compared to previous levels. This outcome is particularly commendable given climatic challenges, such as the prolonged effects of El Niño, which led to a 23.33% decrease in average harvest,” said Faris Nurmianto, Pandawa Agri Indonesia’s Head of Smallholders Initiative.

He added that by leveraging optimized resource management facilitated by PPAI Technology™, farmers were able to not only offset their initial higher farming costs but also achieve significantly higher net profits.

“Our farmers experienced a 176.20% higher average net profit compared to non-PAI farmers, despite incurring slightly higher farming costs. While the surge in global coffee prices in 2023 provided a favorable backdrop for profit growth across the board, it is evident that the adoption of PPAI Technology™ enabled farmers to capitalize more effectively on this beneficial market condition,” said Faris.

The release of the impact report underscores the compelling value proposition of strategic investments in agricultural innovation, demonstrating their potential to drive positive economic impact and foster sustainability within farming communities.

About Pandawa Agri Indonesia

Pandawa Agri Indonesia is Indonesian agri life-science company and is currently the only one that has innovation in the development of pesticide-reducing products (pesticide reductants). Starting from this innovation, Pandawa Agri Indonesia is committed to helping agricultural business actors to implement agricultural practices that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, safe for users, and also cost-efficient.

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Pandawa Agri Indonesia Impact Overview 2024 Cultivating Excellence
“the Robusta Revolution”- Pagar Alam, South Sumatra

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What's included in the report? Delve deep into PAI's performance summary on:

  1. Our transformation stages of Pagar Alam Fine Robusta: Kawepa’s journey. 
  2. Our analysis in revealing the predominant issue faced by farmers 
  3. Our PPAI Technology, designed to address each root problem faced by farmers.
  4. Our Key Impact Highlights.
  5. Our Economic Impacts.

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