Corn is the staple food of the world’s citizens. Around 19.5% of the world’s population consumes corn as their staple food. Apart from being a staple food, corn is also used in the poultry feed industry. The estimated demand for corn for feed in 2021 will reach 10.76 million tons, consisting of the poultry feed industry at 7.04 million tons and independent poultry farmers at 3.71 million tons. About 60% of the corn production is in Java. The rest is spread outside Java.

What We Do

     Pandawa Agri Indonesia collaborated with one of Indonesia’s leading pesticide formulators to perform joint product trials in their retail area, with corn as the primary commodity. This partnership will take place in several locations spanning East Java, Central Java, and West Java. Hopefully, with this collaboration, long-term corn growing will become a reality.