Day: July 21, 2021


The price of glyphosate has skyrocketed, what’s the matter?

The increase of glyphosate prices in mid-2021 is indeed quite worrying. How come?Throughout the first semester of 2021, the increases in glyphosate prices gradually climb from 4.10 US dollars to close to 8.00 US dollars. The consistency of this increase is due to a series of events that began in early 2020. The main thing that is still looming until now is the Covid-19 pandemic. The emergence of the first case of Covid-19 in China in early 2020 marked a price increase that led to panic buying of glyphosate in the market. Although, in the end, the stock of this active ingredient is still safe and lasts in the price range of 3.00 US Dollars until mid-2020.

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