"Great things in business
are never done by one person
they are done by a team of people"
-Steve Jobs-

About Pandawa Agri Indonesia

Pandawa Agri Indonesia is the first life science-based company from Indonesia and currently the only one company that has innovation in the development of pesticide reduction products (pesticides reductant). Starting from this innovation, Pandawa Agri Indonesia is committed to helping agricultural businesses to create an agricultural practices that is sustainable, environmentally friendly, safe for users, and also cost-efficiency.

*Pandawa Agri Indonesia is a recipient of the 2017 DBS Foundation Business for Impact Grant that has enabled us to scale our business and deepen our impact.


About us

Teams with diverse disciplinary backgrounds with specialties in agriculture, biochemistry, weed identification, etc.
We work together to provide sustainable solutions for farmers and stakeholders in the agricultural sector


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