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Transforming Conventional Method into
a Low Carbon Farming Ecosystem

At the forefront of innovation, we position ourselves as leaders in developing groundbreaking solutions. With a commitment to shaping a sustainable agricultural ecosystem, our company, rooted in life science, introduces advancements in Pesticide Reductants and Smallholder End-to-end Ecosystem Development. Implementations of our forward-thinking products span across plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia, subtly propelling the acceleration of sustainable agriculture. PAI distinguishes itself as the sole agri-life science company globally with the groundbreaking technology of the initial Pesticide Reductant, all while advocating for low carbon farming.

Reducing More Hazardous Synthetic
Chemicals Residues in Every Food Products

Pagar Alam - Robusta Coffee

Pagar Alam, a village in South Sumatra where coffee farmers have thrived for generations, has elevated their cultivation methods by employing PPAI technology. Our collaboration in nurturing coffee plants with regenerative agriculture approaches has resulted in a specialty fine robusta.

The Mbay Natural Rice Ecosystem is being built up by smallholders, Pandawa Agri, the local government, and other interested parties working together to bring back the glory of Mbay Natural Rice. Over the years, we have refined our business methods, perfectly aligning them with farmers’ needs, boosting paddy yields while combat enviromental threats, and fostering a sense of community while protecting their land with sustainable agriculture practice.

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