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5 April 2024

Pandawa Agri Indonesia Unveils Second Sustainability Report: Fostering Agricultural Resilience

Jakarta, 5 April 2024Pandawa Agri Indonesia (PAI), a leading agri life-science company committed to creating the world of sustainable agriculture, today announced the launch of its second Sustainability Report, titled “Fostering Agricultural Resilience.”

Pandawa Agri Indonesia - Sustainability Report 2023


Sustainability Report 2023

This report showcases PAI’s achievements in integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles throughout 2023, along with initiatives aimed at enhancing agricultural resilience amid the climate crisis. Additionally, it outlines efforts to generate sustainable long-term value for stakeholders via its 3 PROs Sustainability Framework.

The Sustainability Framework, comprising pillars dedicated to protecting the environment, prospering the people, and promoting responsible business practices, guides Pandawa’s strategy in addressing material ESG issues. In terms of environmental performance, the report highlights the following key sustainability impacts:

  • Reduction in Pesticide Usage and Carbon Emissions: Over 3 million hectares of plantation area in Indonesia and Malaysia have transitioned away from excessive pesticide, leading to a substantial reduction of more than 5,000 tCO2e of Carbon Dioxide Emissions.
  • Research on Environmental Stewardship: PAI unveils groundbreaking research demonstrating the environmental benefits of its products related to biodiversity aspects in the agricultural sector. The combination of pesticides and glyphosate has been shown to reduce bee mortality rates, a key pollinator, by 66-70% compared to glyphosate alone.

PPAI Technology™ Empowers Farmers Adapt to
Climate Change

The report elaborates on the impact of PPAI Technology™, PAI’s science-based approach to helping smallholder farmers adapt to drastic climate changes. In Mbay, Nagekeo, East Nusa Tenggara, despite facing harsher weather patterns and increased pest activity, PPAI farmers achieved a remarkable 73% average yield increase compared to the previous season. This stark contrast serves as compelling evidence for the effectiveness of climate-resilient farming practices.

Similarly, coffee farmers in Pagar Alam, South Sumatra, benefited from PPAI Technology™. While other coffee growers experienced stagnant or declining yields due to unfavorable conditions, farmers powered by PPAI Technology™ achieved a notable 25.84% increase in average productivity, averaging 1.26 tons per hectare.

Kukuh Roxa, CEO of Pandawa Agri Indonesia, remarked, “In the face of the escalating climate crisis, adopting sustainable practices is not just a choice, but an imperative. We’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges posed by phenomena like El Niño, endangering farmers’ livelihoods and food security. Amidst these challenges, our PPAI Technology™ has proven transformative, enhancing farmers’ resilience and productivity during extreme weather conditions.”

About Pandawa Agri Indonesia

Pandawa Agri Indonesia is Indonesian agri life-science company and is currently the only one that has innovation in the development of pesticide-reducing products (pesticide reductants). Starting from this innovation, Pandawa Agri Indonesia is committed to helping agricultural business actors to implement agricultural practices that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, safe for users, and also cost-efficient.

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Pandawa Agri Indonesia - Sustainability Report 2023 FOSTERING AGRICULTURAL RESILIENCE

Even though El Niño is a problem for farmers, we managed to overcome it in 2023. In the midst of extreme weather conditions, Pandawa Agri advocates for agricultural resilience by the application of nature-based solutions. Through the innovation of PPAI TechnologyTM and ReductantTM Technology, we were able to increase farmers’ resilience while controlling the regional inflation rate.

Uncover Pandawa Agri's sustainability impact in 2023:

  1. Nature-Based Solution approach to deal with Extreme Weather hurdles
  2. PAI’s performance on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles
  3. PAI’s cooperation with stakeholders in controlling regional inflation
  4. Debunk our sustainability impact in 3 PROs (PROtecting the Environment, PROspering the People, PROmoting Responsible Business)
  5. Our approach to implementing 13 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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