Healthier agriculture help the environment
and produces better crops.

The International EPD System

Transparency in Product Lifecycle Emissions

We publish our product’s total carbon footprint through an EPD certificate. This information is accessible to everyone and helps our customers make data-driven decisions for a healthier planet through agricultural practices.

Protecting The Environment


Reduce Pesticide Use and Promote Low Carbon Farming

Pandawa Agri Indonesia aim to foster in low-carbon farming and sustainable agriculture practices by assisting growers in minimizing their reliance on synthetic and harmful agricultural inputs.

Million Liters

0 +

of pesticide have been reduced

Million Hectares

0 +

of land have been prevented
from excessive pesticide spraying



have been protected from excessive pesticide exposure



of carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced

Prospering The People


Empowering Smallholders to Produce More with Less

Our inclusive agricultural ecosystem, PPAI technology provide smallholders farmers addressing farming issues from upstream to downstream. We work together with local government, financial institutions, and related stakeholders to enable farmers to produce more yields with better quality, allow them to earn more income, and expanding opportunities for farmers and beyond.

Key Impact Highlights
Smallholders Ecosystem Development - Mbay, Nagekeo East Nusa Tenggara

0 +

join Mbay Rice Ecosystem Development

0 +  

of rice farms are improving

IDR  0

of additional monthly income for local Rice Milling Units

of increased


productivity (on average) for 61% of PPAI-farmers.

of more income


earned by PPAI-enabled farmers compared with conventional farming

Promoting Responsible
Business Practices

3_Promoting-Business [resize]

Since the beginning of our first commercial sales in 2014, our business has grown
in size and impact, especially in 2022.



liters pesticide has been reduced


0 +

hectares of plantation areas in Indonesia and Malaysia


0 +

USD has been able to be saved by reducing pesticide purchases

0 +

Spray workers of land have been prevented from excessive pesticide spraying

Our SDG's Commitment

Sustainable agricultural product are at the heart of Pandawa Agri Indonesia’s mission.
We are dedicated to improving and having a positive impact on peoples, planets, and plants.

No Poverty

Increase farmers' wealth by increasing yield productivity

Zero Hunger

Supporting closed-loop ecosystem for provide rice supply to local society.

Good Health & Well-Being

Reducing pesticide exposure to farmers, workers and reducing pesticide residue on food.

Gender Equality

Equal work opportunity for all gender.

Clean Water & Sanitation

Maximize clean water for human activities through utilizing hard (marginal) water for weed controlling.

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Optimize local business and reducing farming cost.

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Develop innovative pesticide-reduction products for sustainable agriculture and industries.

Responsible Consumption & Production

Reducing the amount of waste that different resources generate

Reduced Inequalitie

Sustainable Livelihood for Smallholders

Climate Action

Reducing carbon footprint by using our innovative ecofriendly products made from locally sourced materials.

Life On Land

Preserve soil health and insect biodiversity.

Life Below Water

Preserve water creatures from pesticide residue.

Partnerships For The Goals

Develop a collaborative environment partnerships with a variety of partners, as well as ongoing volunteer commitments

More About Our Robust Commitment
Agriculture Sustainability

Tracing our steps toward a world where agriculture is a safe and healthy endeavor accessible for everyone. We organize
our path into three regularly updated categories: Impact Report, Greenhouse Gases Report, and Sustainability Report.

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Report 2023

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Impact Report 2023

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GHG Report

GHG Report

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Together, We Can Accelerate
Sustainable Agriculture, PROs for Everyone.