Reductant for Herbicide

Weed Solut-ion is an herbicide reductant that is formulated to reduce the herbicide dose up to 50% but still have the same effectiveness as a single dose/single application (without being combined with Weed Solut-ion). Weed Solut-ion is a mixture compound that are compatible with almost all types of herbicide active ingredients.

Weed Solut-ion

Product Excellences

In line with the MSPO, ISPO, RSPO, and FSC regulation to reduce the herbicide doses and environmental aspect.

Environmentally friendly and user safety.

Reduce the negative impact of herbicide.

Field Trial Result

Pandawa Agri Indonesia always provides innovations through the best product that we produce. Our product are suitable to be combined with almost all registered herbicide active ingredients with the same results with a single use
being combined with our products).


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