#ReduceMore Report 2021
Together Creating Impact
for Sustainable Agriculture

Our SDGs Commitment

No Poverty

Increase farmers' wealth by increasing yield productivity

Zero Hunger

Supporting closed-loop ecosystem for provide rice supply to local society.

Good Health & Well-Being

Reducing pesticide exposure to farmers, workers and reducing pesticide residue on food.

Gender Equality

Equal work opportunity for all gender.

Clean Water & Sanitation

Maximize clean water for human activities through utilizing hard (marginal) water for weed controlling.

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Optimize local business and reducing farming cost.

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Develop innovative pesticide-reduction products for sustainable agriculture and industries.

Responsible Consumption & Production

Reducing the amount of waste that different resources generate

Climate Action

Reducing carbon footprint by using our innovative ecofriendly products made from locally sourced materials.

Life Below Water

Preserve water creatures from pesticide residue.

Life On Land

Preserve soil health and insect biodiversity.

Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

Equal work opportunities for all people based on job needs, maintain accountability, and comply with regulations.

Partnerships For The Goals

Develop a collaborative environment partnerships with a variety of partners, as well as ongoing volunteer commitments

Measuring Progres Impact


Measuring Progres Impact


Measuring Progres Impact


Sustainable agricultural products are at the heart of Pandawa Agri Indonesia’s mission. We are dedicated to improving and having a positive impact on people’s, planet’s, and plants’ lives.