Palm Oil

Behind the many controversies related to oil palm, it is undeniable that oil palm is an agricultural commodity that has many benefits. Renewable energy is one of the benefits from palm oil.
Another benefit is that all processed palm oil products can be reused by other sectors, resulting in zero waste production.

What We Do

  Maintenance is a crucial thing to do to produce good palm oil. Pandawa Agri Indonesia helps oil palm farmers and stakeholders to minimize excessive use of pesticides that can harm users and the environment. For the past seven years, Pandawa Agri Indonesia has been involved in the palm oil sector.
We see and hear directly about weed management complaints and questions regarding how to make it more sustainable.
Seeing several national and multinational palm oil companies in Indonesia who have started or are already concerned about making sustainable efforts in their working areas motivates us to participate and play more roles in the industry. Having reduce millions liters of pesticides in Indonesia, not stopping us to keep expanding our impact now Pandawa Agri Indonesia is currently working with the biggest Malaysia’s national oil palm plantations to develop sustainable agriculture in Malaysia by using pesticide reductants.