Rice is Indonesia’s most popular staple food, providing daily nutrition to 16.5 percent of the world’s population of over 1.6 billion people. Indonesia is the third-largest rice-producing country in the world but still needs to import rice almost every year. This is because rice farmers use agricultural techniques that are not optimal.

Indonesia has numerous rice barns scattered over the country. NTT is not a rice-producing province, but there is a region called Mbay, Nagekeo that turns out to have the ability to produce rice for domestic and tourism purposes.

What We Do

       Rice, like coffee, is also a smallholder initiative of Pandawa Agri Indonesia which is centered directly on farmers. Pandawa Agri Indonesia is currently working with the Nagekeo District Government to revitalize Mbay rice cultivation, which was formerly known for its delicious rice.

      Pandawa Agri Indonesia, which has assisted rice farmers in East Java, sees a need for direct assistance to farmers in Nagekeo in the application of balanced agricultural input technology. This method is called PPAI Technology.

      PPAI Technology is an Assistancing Technology by Pandawa Agri Indonesia to increase rice production through balanced input applications according to the needs of rice cultivation. Assistance is provided from seed selection to harvest.

     Farmers should focus on seven aspects of PPAI Technology: certified seeds, complete micro fertilizers, straw decomposers, silica fertilizers, mycorrhizae, herbicide reductants, and insecticide reductants.


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