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Indonesia grows a lot of rice, but we still have to buy some from our neighbors because our rice fields don’t produce enough. Since most Indonesians eat rice every day, making sure we have enough is super important.

Even though we’re supposed to be the biggest rice producers in Southeast Asia, our rice fields don’t give us as much rice as they could. On average, we only get about 5.2 tons of rice per hectare of land, while other countries with smaller fields get way more rice.

In a village called Mbay in East Nusa Tenggara, rice farmers found a way to grow more rice. They increased their rice production by 40% using a sustainable farming method. With the help of Pandawa Agri Indonesia, local farmers, and the government, they made Mbay Natural Rice, something they’re really proud of. They used special technology called PPAI, which includes things like good seeds, nutrients for the soil, and ways to keep pests away.

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