"Entering the 21st Century, the world community is starting to become aware of reducing the use of pesticides in agriculture."

Pandawa Agri Indonesia offers solutions to these problems

Pesticides Reductant

Environmentally Friendly

Safe for Users

Cost Efficiency

We Surely need Integrated Pest and Weed Management

The use of pesticide in agriculture is a common activity to keep the crop plants free from pests to get good yields. All non-organic farmers are use pesticides. However, by the year 2020, the global pesticide usage has been estimated to increase up to 3.5 million tons. Although pesticides are beneficial for crop production point of view, but using that much pesticide, it’s really a “warning”. Various alternatives to reduce pesticide use have emerged, but they still cannot match the same effectiveness and efficiency when using pesticides. We need something that can reduce the use of pesticides while still being effective and efficient in controlling crop plant pests.

The Innovation

Pandawa Agri Indonesia has developed pesticide reductant products that can help farmers, plantation, and industrial forest businesses to improve their agricultural practices by reducing pesticide use by up to 50% and not stopping to continuosly innovate in responding to ongoing agricultural issues.

Weed Solut-Ion

Pest Solut-Ion