Impact Report 2021

Pandawa Agri Indonesia Builds Sustainable Agricultural Ecosystems

To Reduces Pesticides and Increases Farmer Productivity by up to 40%

Jakarta, August 10, 2022 – Pandawa Agri Indonesia (PAI), an agricultural company with pesticide-reducing innovations, develops an end-to-end sustainable agricultural ecosystem in Mbay, Nagekeo Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The Mbay Natural Rice Ecosystem Development is one of several other initiatives developed by PAI for smallholders in Indonesia.

In their just-released Impact Report (10/08/2022), various positive impacts have been recorded from the initiative, including an increase in crop productivity of up to 40%, an increase in farmers’ income, and a gradual improvement in soil fertility.

Pandawa Agri Indonesia partners with Rabo Foundation to establish smallholders sustainable agri initiatives in Eastern Indonesia

Kukuh Roxa, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-founder of PAI, said, “We always strive to produce products and services that can help us realize the company’s vision to create sustainable agriculture. We see the development of this smallholder ecosystem as effective and efficient in transforming food production systems to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable.”

The company, which was founded in 2014 in Banyuwangi Regency, started innovation by inventing pesticide reductant products that can be used by farmers to reduce the dose of pesticides needed to dissipate pest attacks on plants. In 2021, PAI began to develop an ecosystem for smallholders and brought PPAI (Plant and soil health, Productivity, Assistance, and Innovation) technology to support the initiative.

About PPAI Technology_02

Insecticides Reductant (PS)

A solution to reduce the dose
of insecticide for a safer
environment, healthier plants,
and more sustainable and
efficient farming.


Colonies of fungi to increase
roots’ ability to absorb
nutrients and water, and
increase plants’ resistant to
pests and disease.

Herbicides Reductant (WS)

A solution to reduce the dose
of herbicide for a safer
environment, healthier plants,
and more sustainable and
efficient farming.

Silica Fertilizer

Fertilizer to strengthen plant
stems, prevent falls, and
protect plants from extreme

Straw Decomposer

Bacteria break down the straw
into organic fertilizer and
control crackle and blast
disease in paddy.

Complete Micronutrient

Micro fertilizers fulfill the
plants need for

Certified Seeds

Certified seeds to ensure
uniform growth and produce
better yields

PPAI technology is specifically designed to meet the needs of agricultural communities in certain geographic areas and for particular commodities. In Mbay Natural Rice Ecosystem Development in East Nusa Tenggara, PPAI technology applied includes Seven Interventions: certified seeds, complete micronutrient, mycorrhizae, silica fertilizers, straw-decomposing microbes to increase organic elements in the soil, as well as herbicide and insecticide reductants.

The positive impact created by PAI also received appreciation from the local government, including the Regent of Nagekeo. “Mbay has great potential to become the center of rice production in East Nusa Tenggara. We have 5,000 hectares of rice fields, and rice from Mbay has always been known for its superiority. However, in recent years, productivity has tended to stagnate and decline. The assistance provided by PAI has proven to be able to improve the quality and quantity of harvested crops so that farmers’ incomes increase and food supply in the region is secured,” said the Regent of Nagekeo, dr. Johanes Don Bosco Do.


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The development of the smallholder ecosystem is an integrated practice that is considered to strengthen the regional economy. The Head of Bank Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara Representative Office, I Nyoman Ariawan Atmaja, said, “The Mbay Natural Rice Ecosystem Development is an incredible practice and should be escalated to the national level to serve as an example of a regional inflation control program. In the future, it is hoped that more regions in Indonesia can develop closed-loop ecosystems like this with diverse commodities.”

As a company that has the vision to create sustainable agriculture, PAI consistently presents various innovations to create an agricultural industry that is not only profitable but also environmentally friendly. To date, pesticide reductants, PAI’s flagship products, have contributed to reducing up to 2 million liters of pesticide use in Indonesia and Malaysia.

“We hope this initiative can gradually reduce the residue of synthetic inputs, improving the quality of the agricultural environment in Nagekeo. We also hope that PPAI technology can support farmers in Mbay to live up to their maximum potential and increase agricultural productivity and farmers’ income,” Kukuh concluded.


About Pandawa Agri Indonesia

Pandawa Agri Indonesia is the first life-science-based company from Indonesia and is currently the only one that has innovation in the development of pesticide-reducing products (pesticide reductants). Starting from this innovation, Pandawa Agri Indonesia is committed to helping agricultural business actors to realize agricultural practices that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, safe for users, and also cost-efficient.

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For media enquiries, please contact:
Junia Anindya
Corporate Sustainability and Communications
Pandawa Agri Indonesia
+62 81-351-670-869

Pandawa Agri Indonesia x Nagekeo Government: Developing Agricultural Ecosystems That Can Last

This report, developed in collaboration with the Nagekeo Government of East Nusa Tenggara Province, provides insight into the farmer’s assistance activities carried out by Pandawa Agri Indonesia to increase the productivity of the Mbay community’s rice plants through the use of balanced nutrition and environmentally friendly pesticide reductants. Download this report to get actionable ideas that show how important it is to work together for sustainable agriculture.

Pandawa Agri Indonesia Builds Sustainable Agricultural Ecosystems

This report will show you:

  1. The contribution of our PPAI Technology to the development of SAFE (Sustainable, Affordable, Fair, and Environmentally Friendly) Agricultural Ecosystems for People, Planet, and Plants.
  2. Our approach to sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  3. The support and impact of our collaboration with the Nagekeo government of East Nusa Tenggara Province.
  4. Our significant field activities with paddy smallholders to restore the pride of Mbay natural rice.

Get a free copy !

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