"Reducing our levels of consumption
will not be a sacrifice but a bonus"
- David Wann-

A Step Back

Since 2014 we have begun to work together with all stakeholders in the agricultural world to innovate to solve problems regarding the use of excessive synthetic chemical inputs. Until now, we have gradually helped to realize more profitable and sustainable agricultural practices for all stakeholders, shareholders, employees, partners, consumers, and the environment.

Managing and developing human resources that are innovative, creative, visionary, communicative, disciplined and have high loyalty to the company is our way to increase company value and make Pandawa Agri Indonesia a global company in integrated agricultural businesses that have social impacts.

Our Excellences In Numbers​

(*data counted till last of 2019)

Thank you for your participating to reduce the use of pesticides for our environment together with us!

We still don’t over yet, so here they are our exellences in number

From Banyuwangi to Indonesia!
A few words of farmers who have been participated in conducting eco-friendly farming activities with us
"I'm very happy with this product (WS), because from what I know is herbicides can affect coffee flowers and of course the coffee beans themselves if we used too much herbicides. WS reduce my herbicides usage up to 50% so it can made my coffee plant healthier and more economical. This is the second time I have bought WS :D”
Coffee Farmer, Rimba Candi, Pagar Alam-South Sumatra
"I have used WS twice to help control weeds in my coffee plantation which is difficult to control, the results are always satisfying, really dead like I use the usual dosage. The dosage using my herbicide was reduced, and my output was also reduced. WS Cool :D"
Coffee Farmer, Talang Ternak Village, Pagar Alam-South Sumatra
"I have used WS on the same land three times since I got acquainted with PAI officers. In the past, every time I sprayed with herbicides, the next morning it was noticeable that the coffee leaves began to turn yellow and I knew this was due to the herbicides that I was using. I was introduced to WS and since then reduced half o my herbicides dossage and mixture it with WS. Alhamdulillah, every time I spray now my coffee leaves doesn't yellow anymore"
Petani Kopi, Desa Rimba Candi, Pagar Alam-Sumatera Selatan
“First time I used PS was when my capsicum plants were affected by Fusarium. Alhamdulillah, after several sprays with PS added, the plants began healthier. Finally, every time I want to spray my plants, I’m sure to always add PS because it’s really helps speed up the control of the disease in my capsicum plants. I always added PS with my pesticide because it’s more effective and efficient"
Nur Alam
Farmer, Tanjung Pring Village, Indralaya, Ogan Ilir-South Sumatra
"Several times ago, I heard there was a training on coffee cultivation techniques with WS, but I haven't had time to take part in the training. My friends who took part in the training told me that there was a mixture for herbicides that could reduce the dose of my herbicide use but the results were still good, the name o the product was WS. I was interested then looked and tried WS on my farmland and it turned out that the results were satisfying 😊”
Horticuture and Coffee Farmer, Rimba Candi, Pagar Alam-South Sumatra
“First time I tried using PS was when I tried to do pests controlled on my cabbage and it works! also I saw my cabbage grew faster. Now, I use PS on my potato plants too. Alhamdulillah, my potato plants are more controlled than before. More Fresh, healthy and not found any fungi and so do the pests."
Farmer, Sukamulya Village, North Dempo, Pagar Alam-South Sumatra
"I pretty much used herbicides on my coffee plant. I feel that many of my coffee plants have broken roots and stems latey. I suspect this is because their often exposed by herbicides that I used. I was introduced by PAI officers with WS. I tried it 2 times and I saw my coffee plants are better now. Leaves are not yellow after spraying, more coffee flower blooms and not fall out."
Petani Kopi, Desa Talang Tampakan, Pagar Alam-Sumatera Selatan